Ways to eat Chia….

Chia Seeds. Little seeds that pack a whole lot of nutritional punch!

Wondering why you should include these in your daily diet, and how on earth you are going to do it? Well you’ve come to the right place 🙂 Lots of ideas below.

Benefits of Chia are numerous. benefits of chia


Firstly, they are an excellent source of omega 3 fats, that are essential for brain health and are also anti-inflammatory.

Secondly, they are a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids (essential because we have to get them from our food – our bodies need them to function properly).

Chia seeds are also rich in minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

They are high in fibre, in fact one of the richest sources of soluble fibre, and as such, assist in stabilising blood sugar levels and keep you fuller for longer.

Have I convinced you yet? Well, keep reading as I’ll show you how to easily incorporate them into your diet.

 Chia seeds are so versatile and really simple to include in your diet. Kids won’t even know you are ‘sneaking’ them into things. They barely change the flavour at all. Check out these ideas below.


chia pudding healthy breakfast


1. SMOOTHIES – Add a spoonful to your smoothie and away you go.

2. CHIA PUDDINGS–  You can make delicious little breakfast or dessert puddings using the seeds. These are best left to set overnight, which makes them a fast breakfast in the morning. See my recipe for blueberry puddings here. My Layered Mango Chia Puddings are a real hit too!

mango chia pudding

3. PORRIDGE –  Add a spoonful to whatever porridge you may enjoy. You can find my chia and apple porridge here.chia apple porridge

4. — USE AS A THICKENER – Chia seeds can be used to thicken soups or stews. Add a spoon or two to your casserole, give it a good stir, and leave it for about ten minutes.

5. EGG REPLACEMENT – Chia Seeds can be used as a replacement for eggs in baking, perfect for those with egg allergies. Simply mix one tablespoon with three tablespoons of water and leave sit for 15 minutes. It will form a gel like consistency.

6. BLISS BALLS – A common addition to bliss balls. You can find my Chocolate, chia and coconut bliss balls here along with my Lemon Coconut balls.

My HNC Seedy Bliss Balls (nut free) also feature some Chia seeds.nut free bliss balls

Note, about 1 Tablespoon per day is the recommended amount so you really don’t need much to  make a positive change to your diet. 🙂

Some other awesome recipes from other very talented people out there that use Chia include my favourite chocolate cake at the moment. Being gluten and dairy free can pose it’s challenges but not with this cake – everyone likes it! You can find the recipe here at Gluten Free Grain Free 



Chocolate Chia Cake by Tania Hubbard

Blueberry Jam made on Chia seeds By Oh She Glows find the recipe here. 

Blueberry Vanilla Chia seed jam by 'Oh She Glows'

Blueberry Vanilla Chia seed jam by ‘Oh She Glows’

Hope that helps you incorporate Chia Seeds into your diet! Tell me how you go. What’s your favourite way of eating Chia?

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