Raw mango-nana cheesecake


Who doesn’t love a good cheesecake?!

How about if I told you that this one is not only delicious, but is good for you at the same time!! With no refined sugars, gluten-free, dairy-free, the goodness of cashews, coconut oil, mangoes and bananas – this is the perfect dessert. Or is good enough to eat for breakfast :).

raw cheesecake


I was the very lucky recipient of a box of goodies from Nutra Organics from their Wholefood pantry range. The Organic Desiccated Coconut, Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Brown Rice Syrup are used in this recipe. The coconut is delicious – so creamy when turned into coconut milk! Always be careful when buying desiccated coconut from the supermarket as it will most likely have preservatives in it. The coconut oil is cold pressed and unrefined, and is a great replacement for butter in recipes for people who are dairy free. The Organic Brown Rice Syrup is made from GMO-free rice, and is a great sweetener to use in your cooking.

This delivery coincided with me buying my first (of many) mangoes for the season! Mangoes just make me think of Christmas, and I went to work using the 3 Nutra Organics  ingredients plus my mangoes. The result is this gorgeous raw mango-nana cheesecake – a perfect dessert for that special occasion in summertime!

This dessert is easy to make, but takes a while to prepare, as it needs to go into the freezer to set in between stages. But – it’s totally worth it, really easy to throw together and can be made in advance. Before you get started, you need to soak your cashews for the filling for at least 2 hours (if you have a high speed blender – I use a Vitamix), otherwise I recommend soaking them overnight to ensure a smooth, creamy filling (if using a regular blender).

RAW MANGO-NANA CHEESECAKE – Makes one 20cm Raw cheesecake or 8 muffin size individual portions. 



1 Cup of Desiccated coconut

1 Cup of Almonds, or Almond mealcheesecake9_resizedforweb

2 T Coconut oil

2 T Brown rice syrup

1 tsp good quality vanilla extract


2 Cups of cashews, soaked in water for at least 2 hours or overnight.

1/4 Cup lemon juice

1/2 Cup coconut oil

1/2 Cup coconut milk, plus 2 T of coconut cream

2 T Brown Rice syrup

1 tsp vanilla

1 ripe banana


2 mangoes

1 T Lime juice

Crushed macadamia nuts (optional – depends if you want to get fancy with it!)

Extra desiccated coconut (optional – to sprinkle on top)


1. Your method for the base will depend on the equipment you are using: raw cheesecake

~In a high speed blender or food processor, pop the almonds and coconut in and blend until a fine meal. Transfer into a bowl, then add the oil, rice syrup and vanilla and combine well.

~Without a high speed blender or food processor, use 1 cup of almond meal (instead of raw almonds) and just pop all the ingredients for the base in a bowl, mix well to combine (Maybe get your hands in there and ‘mush’ it around – really make sure the rice syrup has been mixed through :).

2. Press into the bottom of a 20cm spring form base. Pop into the freezer while you move onto the filling.

3. Drain the cashews and give them a little rinse, then pop them into your blender. Add the rest of the ingredients for the filling – lemon juice, coconut oil, coconut milk and cream, rice malt syrup, banana and vanilla.

4. Blend until smooth. This may take a while, and depending on your machine, you may need to scrape down the sides and keep going. Taste – if you want it creamier, add a tad (1 tsp or to personal taste) more coconut cream, if you want it sweeter – a tad (1 tsp or to personal taste ) more rice syrup.

5 Pour over the base in the spring form tin, and pop into the freezer to set for a few hours.


6. Once the filling is set enough to pour the mango topping on top, you can prepare the topping. Cut your mangoes roughly and pop in your blender, along with the lime juice. Blend until smooth.

7. Pour and spread evenly over the top of the cheesecake. Put back into the freezer for another two hours.



8. When ready to serve, remove from the freezer and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Carefully release the spring, you may need to run a knife around the edge to help but mine has always come away just fine. You can get a bit fancy at this stage if you wish, and top with more fresh mango, some crushed macadamias and a sprinkling of coconut.

Serve and enjoy!!

NOTES:** Best kept in the freezer when not being eaten. So pop any leftovers straight back in the freezer to enjoy later.

**You can also make little individual cheesecakes using a muffin tin. You could use baking paper to assist in the removal, but mine just popped right out when I stuck a sharp knife down one side (when still frozen).


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  2. Leonie

    I made this and it was delicious
    Thanks for recipe!!!

    1. Lee @ Healthy Natural Changes (Post author)

      Oh you’ve made my day Leonie! Thanks so much for letting me know 🙂

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