Our exciting news! The Pregnancy files and morning sickness…..

Hi everyone!

Thought I’d touch base, say hi, and explain the lack of activity around here the past few months.

We are very excited to be expecting baby number two in February next year! We’re over the moon and our son is looking forward to being a big brother(we hope!! 🙂


This pregnancy has been completely different to my first. The first was pretty cruisy….apart from tiredness, but back then I only had myself to look after. This time, however, the first 15 weeks were challenging to say the least. With constant nausea, aversion to any food remotely healthy, a bout of food poisoning (great!), colds and flu, illnesses for my hubby and 3 1/2 year old son also, part-time work and extreme tiredness, I was absolutely E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D. Something had to give, and it was this blog and facebook page that I had to leave for a while.

I also felt like a fraud. Who was I to be sharing healthy recipes when some days all I could literally shove in my mouth without gagging were salt and vinegar crisps?! I couldn’t even open the vegetable drawer in the fridge without gagging. Thank goodness for pre-natal vitamins!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining. I know how lucky and blessed we are to be having another baby, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But at the same time, it’s been challenging, and I really feel for those women who are sick throughout their entire pregnancy.

I’ve come out the other end now at 23 weeks. I’m able to eat normally again thank goodness, and have gotten back on track with healthy eating – all I can say is those pregnancy hormones are so powerful!

Things that helped with the morning sickness (or should I say….all day sickness!!)…….

If anyone else out there is struggling with morning sickness you just have to go with the flow. Feeling guilty about not eating properly doesn’t help – trust me! Here are a few little tips that I found worked for me – I realise everyone is different but maybe there is something here for you.

  • I found eating protein first thing in the morning really helped throughout the day, and so I’ve eaten more eggs in the past few months that I have all year! For a while I was frying them in butter (only way I could have them) and then poaching or boiling was ok again (although remember to hard poach or boil…..first breakfast post pregnancy will consist of runny eggs!!).
  • Lemon water, or water with a tiny drop of apple cider vinegar seemed to calm the tummy.
  • B6 vitamins (as advised by my naturopath) often can help with morning sickness. I could always tell the next day if I had forgotten to take my B6.
  • Potato, rice, pasta, bread all helped and I tried to add nutritional value where I could. Remember it’s not necessarily extra calories you need (not until the 2nd and 3rd trimester anyway),  but it’s extra nutrients your body will need.
  • Almonds/nuts to snack on continuously.
  • Meal planning went out the window. I never knew what I would be able to stomach until just before dinner. Not great for organisation, but it’s how it had to be for a while.
  • Don’t force yourself to eat something that makes you feel sick.

The Nutrition Guru and the Chef has a great post here on nutrition for pregnancy.

Online naturopath Charlie’s Choice has some great tips here on how to deal with some common pregnancy symptoms.

Would love to hear from you – what helped your morning sickness?


  1. Mikayla

    I don’t actually really like Vegemite and I know it’s not good for you. But for my couple weeks of morning sickness if I had Vegemite toast before getting out of bed I was fine. But if I didn’t have it I would be in the bathroom half the morning.

    1. Mikayla

      I pressed post comment before I finished writing…. Oops.

      I’m glad you are starting to feel better 🙂

      You are defined not a fraud, we do what we need to when we are pregnant. Our bodies know best xx

      1. Lee @ Healthy Natural Changes (Post author)

        Oh thanks Mikayla….yep I know that feeling!! I’ve been eating some vegemite too….I”m addicted to olives at the moment 🙂

  2. Stella @ Stellicious Life

    Congratulations to you and your family! 🙂 Hope the rest of your pregnancy will be easier. Take care!

    1. Lee @ Healthy Natural Changes (Post author)

      Thanks Stella! x

  3. Brigid

    Loved reading this happy news Lee. I’m glad you’re finally starting to feel more human again. You’ve certainly had a rough trot. All the best for the next few months. It’s such an exciting time for you and your family.
    Brig x

    1. Lee @ Healthy Natural Changes (Post author)

      Thanks Brig – it’s so nice to feel human again! 🙂 In the scheme of things though I can’t complain….hope you are doing well too! Lee x

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