Delicious Cashew Cream

Cashew Cream… Who would have thought?? If there is one thing I have been absolutely blown away by since becoming dairy free, it’s how damn versatile the Cashew nut is!

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You can make delicious creamy cashew milk, cashew cream, ‘cheesecakes’ all with the little cashew nut. My favourite would have to be Cashew Cream, in fact I make a batch of this every week now, and it’s become a staple in this household. I use it to top my muesli, CADA and porridges, drizzle over stewed apples/pears for a quick dessert, or if I have baked a yummy dessert then this just completes it. Even my husband who can still eat dairy, would rather have this now instead of real cream!

Now, first things first. You need to soak your nuts. If you have a high speed blender, this will be an easier process. If you don’t, it can still be done, you just need to soak your nuts for a longer period of time.


  • One cup of cashews, soaked for at least two hours (soak for at least four hours, or overnight, if using a conventional blender)
  • ¼ cup – ½ cup depending on how thick you want your cream. (Start with a 1/4 and you can always add more)
  • 1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup (make sure it’s the real deal and not maple ‘flavoured’ syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla paste


  1. Drain your cashews, pop everything in the blender and blend away.
  2. Add more water if you want a thinner result, and a little more maple syrup if you want it sweeter.
  3. Refridgerate until cold. Keep covered in an airtight container for up to a week in the fridge.

Use your delicious cashew cream on top of muesli, desserts, porridge and pancakes. cashew cream

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