Carrot recipe round up

What do you do when you randomly end up with over 4kg of carrots? Put a call out to your fave wholefood bloggers and look at what a clever bunch they are….I thought I’d end up with 10 different carrot cakes but NO! Here is an amazing array of carrot recipes – sweet, savoury, side dishes, muffins, icecream, even breakfast ideas! Now if someone can sort out my baby waking all through the night I will be a happy lady 😉

Let’s begin with some breakfast ideas…..Carrot Cake Porridge by My Food Religion

carrot recipe

Photo Credit : My Food Religion

Apple and Carrot muffins from Brenda Janschek (great to have on hand for breakfast on the run – also luchbox friendly)

carrot recipes

Photo Credit :Brenda Janschek

Another amazing breakfast idea (who would have thought?!)  – Carrot Bircher Muesli from Oh My Goodness 

carrot recipes

Photo Credit :

One particularly important for this time of the year – Carrot, Apple and Ginger Immunity Juice from The Holistic Ingredient 


Photo Credit : The holistic Ingredient

Another great way to get veggies into your kids is through muffins – Carrot and Zucchini mini muffins from Alisa at 123 Nourish Me 

carrot muffins

Photo Credit :

My son will love these Chicken, Rice and Carrot Bites from

carrot bites

Photo Credit :

A Morrocan Carrot Salad from Georgia at Well Nourished 

carrot salad

Photo Credit : Well Nourished

Three creative side dishes from Collette at Cut out the Crap

carrot side dishes

Photo Credit : Cut out the Crap

An impressive looking Fragrant Baked Carrot Stack from Alexx at Low Tox Life 

carrot stack

Photo Credit :

I never knew you could use your carrot tops! Pesto anyone? From Back to Basics Health and Lifestyle mentoring 

carrot pesto

Photo Credit :

Are you interested in fermenting? Need to start somewhere simple? I know I do! How about Carrot Probiotic sticks? Well Nourished has you sorted here. 

carrot sticks

Photo Credit : Well Nourished

Carrot Cake bliss balls! From Energetic Mama

carrot bliss balls

Photo Credit : Energetic Mama

Raw Carrot Cake Icecream by Mummy Made It! 

carrot icecream

Photo Credit : Mummy Made It

It wouldn’t be a true carrot compilation without a carrot cake or two! Grain Free Carrot Cake from Barefoot Kitchens

carrot cake

Photo Credit :

And this AMAZING looking carrot cake – perfect for a special occasion from Doms Kitchen 

paleo carrot cake

Photo Credit:


There you have it! 17 different carrot recipes for you. Which will you try?


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