Yearly Archive: 2016

Blender Banana Bread

This blender banana bread is easy. Delicious. Quick. Gluten and Dairy Free. Too good to be true?? Give it a go and let me know!


I love it because you only need a high speed blender (I use a Vitamix), measuring spoons and cups and it’s ready to put in the oven. But you can use a bowl and mix it all together if you want! You will just have to smush up the bananas then combine all the other … Continue reading

Carrot recipe round up

What do you do when you randomly end up with over 4kg of carrots? Put a call out to your fave wholefood bloggers and look at what a clever bunch they are….I thought I’d end up with 10 different carrot cakes but NO! Here is an amazing array of carrot recipes – sweet, savoury, side dishes, muffins, icecream, even breakfast ideas! Now if someone can sort out my baby waking all through the night I will be a happy lady … Continue reading

Foodie of the Month! Introducing Sistermixin’

Welcome to the next edition of Foodie of the Month! Here we chat to Jo and Tracey from Sistermixin’, two sisters taking on the world of additives/preservatives and are on a mission to help others! Their ‘Additive Free Made Easy‘ E-course is a resounding success with another round beginning soon. Keep reading for some GREAT TIPS on how to improve your diet.

Additive free made easy


  • Can you tell us a little about yourself and how ‘Sistermixin’ came about?


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