Monthly Archive: July 2014

Additive-free is the way to be!

When our grandparents were kids, food was food. A cake was flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Simple. Not a list of ingredients a mile long that contain a lot of chemicals. The Food Industry has changed drastically over the past…
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Why whole foods? Our journey so far….

When you have a child, it’s only natural that you want the very best for them. When they start to eat, you are suddenly challenged with not only ensuring they are eating enough, but also ensuring they get all the nutrients they need…
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Sultana almond cookies

These are quick, easy and most importantly – delicious! Inspired by The Healthy Chef’s Chocolate chip cookie, I’ve created a different version with the goodness of coconut, LSA and sultanas. LSA is made from ground linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds…
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